Jaipur Shaken by Three Back-to-Back Earthquakes, 21-07-2023

Jaipur CCTV Fotage

Jaipur experiences three consecutive earthquake tremors within a short span of 16 minutes on Friday morning.
People report hearing a bang-like sound and quickly evacuate their homes in fear.

First Earthquake: 4.09 am

– Magnitude: 4.4 on the Richter scale
– Depth: 10 km
– Initial confusion and some residents not noticing the first tremor.
– Residents react by coming out of their homes and seeking refuge in nearby parks.

CCTV Footage

Second Earthquake: 4.22 am

– Magnitude: 3.1 on the Richter scale
– Depth: 5 km
– Jolts people awake, causing a rush to evacuate again.
– Streets filled with concerned residents, especially in Walled City areas and multi-storey apartments.

Third Earthquake: 4.25 am

– Strikes again, intensifying fear among residents.
– Witnesses report hearing loud sounds akin to explosions.


Jaipur Earthquake Map view

Impact on People

– Fear and anxiety lead people to reach out to relatives and update their safety status on social media.
– Hospitals are affected as caregivers and patients are moved out of lobbies and sleeping areas.

No Loss of Life or Property Reported

– The control room confirms no casualties or significant damage to property in Jaipur and nearby districts.
– Jaipur’s low-risk seismic zone (seismic zone II) offers some reassurance about the potential for large-scale damage.

– Residents of Jaipur experience an unusual and unsettling event with three consecutive earthquakes in a low-risk seismic zone.
– Authorities and residents remain vigilant and cautious in the aftermath of the tremors.

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